integre pro scan™


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Multi-color scanning photocoagulation
Integre Pro Scan™ has established a new benchmark in retinal laser technology, combinining multi-color photocoagulation and pattern scanning in an ergonomic, all-in-one laser/slit lamp design. A proprietary ZenTec™ cavity and advanced optical system also ensure precise titration and homogenous burns for more predictable, consistent treatment outcomes.

Integre Pro Scan™ incorporates a custom-built optical system that is optimized for use in the posterior segment. Featuring a 10-degree stereoscopic angle, it provides better depth perception and a wider peripheral view. In addition, achromatic doublet lens technology provides a clearer view of the fundus and an optimal red-reflex in order to better observe the tissue-effect — allowing you to precisely titrate energy.

As an added beneft, the combination of high-grade crown glass materials, multi-layered anti-reflection coatings and next-generation filter technology maximizes light transmission and provides an unparalleled color-balanced view of the retina. Integre Pro Scan™ enables you to deliver a pattern of up to 25 laser shots in just 0.5 seconds, making it the industry’s fastest pattern scanning photocoagulator.

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