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Treatment of the root causes of dry eye

Quantel Medical launches its new generation of Intense Pulsed Light system to treat dry eye disease: C.STIM®. This Premium product designed by Quantel Medical treats the root causes of dry eyes:

  • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
  • inflammation
  • Demodex

C.STIM® has been designed with the aim of combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek, robust and ergonomic design. The device integrates the best technological features to guarantee efficacy, safety, ergonomics and to offer a “plug and play” product easy delegable.


  • Treatment of the root causes of dry eye: MGD, inflammation and Demodex
  • Quick and easy treatment (<10 min)
  • Revolutionary IPL relying on our unique Stim-ULI™ (Uniform Light Intensity) technique allowing a perfectly homogeneous distribution of energy
  • Treatment on the majority of skin types thanks to optimized characteristics

* Not FDA approved


  1. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)
    • IPL speeds up Meibomian Gland and lacrimal gland metabolism by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system thanks to the IPL energy stimulation.
    • IPL liquefies the thick meibum thanks to the heat generated by IPL light.
    • After IPL session, a manual meibomian gland expression, by pressing the tarsus with a meibomian forceps is important to increase the long-term effectiveness of IPL treatment and to relieve some signs and symptoms of Dry Eye.

2. Inflammation

    • IPL stops the vicious cycle of chronic inflammation by coagulating new blood vessels of the skin and the eyelids, and by reducing inflammatory agents in the tears.
    • The telangiectasias being smaller at the level of the eyelids, the IPL flash will have a localized heating effect at the level of the vessels and around the vessels. This effect modulates their function and changes their temperature.
    • Studies have shown that in cases of blepharitis, the number of telangiectasias in the eyelids decreased after IPL sessions.

3. Demodex

    • Demodex is associated with facial and ocular rosacea. The parasite is a component of MGD, which is part of inflammatory vicious cycle.
    • Demodex Infestation leads to physical obstruction of meibomian glands and then causes obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).
    • The pigmented exoskeleton of Demodex absorbs the energy of IPL leading to the Demodex destruction, and inflammatory markers are reduced.


With its large HD touch screen, C.STIM has an intuitive software with an access to the treatment page in 2 clicks. It integrates pulse pre-settings dedicated to dry eye treatment to ensure safety and simplicity of use on the majority of skin types.


1. Stim-ULI™ technology

Safe and effective treatment with Stim-ULI™: Our C.STIM® revolutionary IPL relying on our unique Stim-ULI™ (Uniform Light Intensity) technique offers the best combination of clinical efficacy and patient comfort.

2. Optimised handpiece

Single handpiece with integrated water-based cooling system:

  • Improved patient comfort
  • Applies a thin layer of gel during treatment
  • Delivers the same energy level from first to last shot
  • Optimal preservation of flash lamp life: 30 000 shots/3.750 sessions

3. Regulated pulse train

Regulated pulse train for safety and effectiveness:

  • Respects the skin's thermal relaxation time (TRT)
  • No thermal damage to the skin
  • No inflammatory reaction
  • Controlled energy accumulation for better results

4. Treatment on the majority of skin types

Safe and effective treatment for phototypes 1 to 5:

  • Light spectrum of 610 nm to 1 200 nm is less absorbed by melanin
  • Energy controlled by pulse train, limiting increase in tissue temperature
  • Stim-ULI™ technology for a perfectly homogeneous energy distribution

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