Surgical Products

Simovision distributes products and advanced support within various ophthalmic segments including surgical equipment. This was conscentiously assembled towards a range of innovative products satisfying the right balance between price and quality.

Cataract and refractive errors relate to conditions that are treatable if we make use of proper instruments and technology. We hereby offer you many solutions such as a wide range of lens implants (monofocal, multifocal, toric, phakic, ...) as well as a variety of surgical instruments and accessories (visco, disposable and reusable instruments, ...).

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Capital Equipment

Simovision has years of experience and expertise in collaborating with ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, both in hospitals as well as in private practices. Our team consists of certified application specialists who advise on the use of innovative diagnostic and surgical equipment of our recognized brands, such as OCTs, ultrasound, lasers, microscopes, treatment of dry eye syndrome and other applications. They work closely together with team service engineers who are directly trained by our suppliers.


In 2014 Simovision has decided to diversify with the creation of the Simopharma department that offers the general public innovative products in the field of ophthalmology and disinfection.

We are mainly focused within the segments of dry eyes, dietary supplements, glaucoma and many others in the future.

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