Less Steps-More Vision

IOL manufacturers eagerly compete for superior intermediate performance or compress the addition towards the intermediate to create some „comfort“. While doing this they disregard the main key of success for multifocal IOLs – SPECTACLE INDEPENDENCE. Medicontur chooses not to compromise IOL performance. Liberty equates to spectacle independence without the compromise of reduced image quality or visual acuity at near and far distances

  • Maximally tri-focal, with unique EPS technology
  • Elevated Phase Shift (EPS) for maximum glasses independence
  • 7 diffractive rings in diffractive zone (⌀ 3 mm).
  • 75% refractive zone for improved visual performance in low light
  • High quality of vision at any distance
  • 615 satisfied patients, 928 eyes and supported by 10 clinical studies.
  • Less diffraction, more vision
  • Each diffractive ring on an IOL provides light scattering; small imperfections on the lens surface enhance this effect. Liberty®, with 7 diffractive rings within a diameter of 3 mm, provides better vision, more contrast sensitivity, less halos and glare, even at low light intensity.