Siluron® 2000


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Ultrapure silicone oil
Siluron®2000 is a colourless, homogeneous liquid, comprising ultrapure polydimethyl siloxane, (CH3)3SiO-(Si(CH3)2O)n-Si(CH3)3. Siluron®2000 is chemically and physiologically inert and has a viscosity of 2000 cSt. Silicone oils from FLUORON are characterized by their consistently high quality. They do not contain any low molecular, particularly cyclical, siloxanes, and are free from ionic compounds.

Siluron®2000 is used as a long-term retinal tamponade following successful reattachment of the retina and is removed again depending on the clinical findings. In particular, Siluron®2000 can be used to treat severe cases of retina detachment when conventional treatments fail.

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