SurgiCube | Sterile Laminar Airflow

SurgiCube® International

Operating Room Capacity in a Struggle? Act now...

Proven Efficacy against COVID-19 (Coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2)

The smart SurgiCube® design offers a uni-directional laminar air flow directly to the operating area. This makes the SurgiCube® extremely suitable for various surgical procedures under local anaesthesia such as Plastic, ENT, Ophthalmic and Orthopaedic surgery. Perfect for expanding OR capacity in:

  • existing multi-specialty centers
  • University clinics
  • ASCs
  • in-office procedures

Advantages of the SurgiCube®

Sterile laminar downflow

The SurgiCube® provides ongoing, effective, uni-directional downflow over the surgical area and the instrument tables. The flow passes no contamination sources, creating an optimal sterile operating field.

For all micro-surgical procedures

The SurgiCube® can be used for all types of small surface surgeries such as Dermatologic, ENT, Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic and Plastic surgery.

Patient Friendly

The area around the SurgiCube® can be customized enabling more patient comfort. The accessibility of the SurgiCube® keeps patients satisfied. The operating experience feels more like a treatment, resulting in less stress.

Location Independent

The SurgiCube® can be set up in any clean, draft-free room in just one day. After validation and set up, the SurgiCube® is operational and ready for use.

Cost efficient

The cost of the SurgiCube® amounts to a fraction of the costs involved with a conventional operating theatre. What’s more, the unit is far more cost efficient due to shorter turnaround times between surgical procedures.