Bi-Flex T


In addition to an excellent toric correction, the Bi-Flex Toric Aspheric IOL benefits from the general advantages presented by the Bi-Flex platform:

  • 180° contact angle between the haptics and the capsular equator for a perfect centration and rotational/axial/torsional stability.
  • Linear/progressive haptic resistance against the contraction forces to prevent decentration by an asymmetrically shrinking capsular bag.
  • Unique, patented 360° square edge for reduced PC.

Neutral asphericity approach

  • Eliminating the pre-existing spherical aberration of the crystalline lens.
  • Preserving some depth of field by leaving the physiological corneal aberration untouched.

A winning co-polymer
An optimum blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers having complementary properties as:

  • Excellent pseudo-plasticity thanks to hydrophobic monomers.
  • Superior pre-insertion folding capacity and a post-insertion unfolding with perfect recovery of the optical properties thanks to hydrophilic monomers.
  • Both combined granting a low ionicity of the surface resulting in low rates of cell adhesion.

"Natural" yellow filter
Filtering as much as necessary – preserving as much as possible. For a balanced protection of the macula against UV-A and blue light by an absorption curve close to that of the human crystalline lens, preserving the natural colour perception and contrast sensitivity.

Full power against pre-existing corneal astigmatism

  • Precise and predictable astigmatism correction.
  • Optimum centration and rotational/axial/torsional stability.
  • Increased imaging quality by neutral asphericity.
  • Preserving a minimum depth of field, even at high cylinder values.
  • Minimal induced astigmatism by mini-incision.