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The easy solution for demanding cataract patients
The tried and tested lens design of the LENTIS Comfort is adjusted optimally to the far and intermediate range and thus has been particularly successful in meeting the demanding needs that most patients have with the refractive results of cataract surgery. Bridging the gap between standard monofocal and premium refractive IOLs, the LENTIS Comfort offers both good intermediate vision as well as distance vision (Monofocal+).

This is especially of importance to cataract patients who want greater spectacle independence in everyday situations, such as using the computer, handling their smartphone, shopping, golfing or driving. Generally, all people who carry out manual activities further away than reading distance will benefit from this new lens. In short: The convenient lens solution for everyday situations!.

The LENTIS Comfort offers many advantages compared with standard monofocal IOL:

  • EDOF-IOL: Extended depth of focus for an optimised vision covering patients’ requirements for most daily routines
  • Excellent visual acuity results for the intermediate and distance ranges
  • Improved contrast and depth of focus for optimal vision in low light conditions
  • Natural image and colour perception
  • Aberration neutral
  • Now available with astigmatism correction: LENTIS Comfort Toric

Patient surveys confirm:

  • Computer or varifocal lenses no longer necessary!
  • High patient satisfaction

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