VibeX Xtra™



VibeX Xtra™ is formulated specifically for use during a Lasik Xtra® procedure. VibeX Xtra™ is applied directly to the stromal bed prior to replacing the flap following excimer laser ablation. Formulated in an isotonic solution, VibeX Xtra™ diffuses quickly to minimize flap exposure time and deliver the appropriate concentration of riboflavin for cross-linking. Once the flap has been repositioned over the cornea, UVA light from the KXL® System is applied to activate VibeX Xtra™ to restore biomechanical integrity to the cornea.


  • Formulation: 0.22% Riboflavin, Saline, Isotonic
  • Procedure: Lasik Xtra
  • Application: Stromal Bed