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Reduces signs and symptoms of dry eyes

Dry eye disease: It is the most frequently ocular affliction impacting quality of life and interfering with the normal performance of everyday activities. The lacrimal film is altered in the dry eye, in a quantitative or qualitative way, so that it cannot properly carry out its protective and nutritive function. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used active ingredient in artificial tears used to prevent or cure dry eye symptoms.

iVision DRY has a Hypo-osmolar formulation with longchain hyaluronic acid and a high molecular weight. It features a unique combination: synergy of hyaluronic acid and hypromellose. It offers high protection of the ocular surface with immediate and lasting improvement of the symptoms of eye dryness and fatigue with increased optical quality.


ivision palpebral solution

iVision DRY is an ophthalmic sterile solution at physiological pH, hypo-osmolar, preservatives and phosphates free. Comes in multi-dose bottles (10ml) and single dose bottles (20 single dose of 0.5 ml), suitable for contact lenses.

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