Visco 4500



Viscoelastic solutions
The Oculentis CONSUMABLES include, amongst others, high-purity viscoelastic solutions for the individual needs and preferences of the surgeon. This means viscoelastics are made from methylcellulose, hyaluronic acids are made by fermentation of bacteria and hyaluronic acids are made from the extraction of rooster combs.

Uses of viscoelastic solutions:

  • for volume substitution
  • to maintain corneal transparency during longlasting surgery
  • to improve the vision during surgical treatment
  • to mobilize the tissue in the anterior and the posterior segments, as for instance in case of cataract surgery, retinal detachment or corneal transplantation
  • to protect the tissues

The viscoelastic products are offered in practical glass syringes. For example, the Visco 4500 in 2.0 ml syringes.