Lentis LS-312Y (C-Loop)


Oculentis offers a variety of IOL designs.

Choose between (a)spherical, 1-piece (like the LS-312Y C-Loop) or 3-piece IOL, IOL with or without blue light filtering technology.

All aspherical and spherical LENTIS® lenses are manufactured in the state-of-the-art sub-micron lathing process. The square-edge design and the superior surface quality of our HydroSmart® Acrylic reduces the post-surgery-cataract formation and thus the post-treatment rate. All LENTIS® lenses show an excellent biocompatibility and high stability in the capsule bag. The imaging quality of intraocular lenses (IOL) is one of the key factors to ensure an optimal vision for patients after a cataract surgery.

Aspherical LENTIS IOL are characterized by an aberration corrective surface structure. Basis for their design is not as usual a purely spherical cornea but a slightly aspherical cornea (anticipated in the human eye). Studies have shown that the human cornea shows asphericity in respect of the statistical median. Due to this fact, Intraocular lenses, which take into account this aberration, lead to a better visual acuity and better image quality. Our latest products have in addition to the UV absorber a blue-light blocking filter as well. This filter reduces the harmful effect of the blue light thus providing an additional protection for the retina.