AddOn® Progressive


The AddOn® is the refractive-surgery platform for fine-tuned ONV (Optimal Natural Vision) correction of pseudophakic eyes and constitutes a milestone in functional patient care.

The AddOn® is implanted into the sulcus in addition to the capsular-bag fixated basis IOL and is compatible with common capsular-bag IOLs, irrespective of design or material. The AddOn® may be used for correction of spherical, presbyopic and torical refractive errors and is available with spheric, progressive and toric optic. The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) gives new hope to patients with dry AMD to restore their near vision.

AddOn® Progressive (Diffractive)

  • to provide far, intermediate and near vision capabilities
  • reversible M-IOL implantation
  • available from -5,0 to +5,0 diopters in 0,25 diopter increments
  • added power equivalent to 3,0 diopters at the IOL plane