ICP MGD Analysis

SBM Sistemi


Through an acquisition of color images, or by infrared camera, the ICP MGD Analysis allows the evaluation of the Meibomian Glands. Thanks to the modular double LED illumination, the image will always result without reflections and side effects. The instrument has the possibility to be used in a portable way or as a fixed instrument in your clinic, exploiting a support that you can insert inside the hole of the tonometer on the slit lamp.

In just a few seconds the instrument allows to take a picture with 8MP resolution in infrared vision making every environmental condition (the presence/absence of the Meibomian Glands on the eyelids) visible. The analysis of the glands happens in an automatic way thanks to the advanced recognition software that studies the eyelid through the use of dedicated filters in real time after the acquisition. Analysis of the image is obtained and the system results in offering a calculated percentage of the extension area with the present and missing glands.