Innovative technologies that change the lives of patients and doctors around the world

Avant-garde in the advancement of OCT technology

From the first SD-OCT image generated to the transformative OCTA technology, Optovue technologies provide clinicians with information so new that it requires a different approach. Optovue's long line of "firsts" shows that innovation is the backbone of Optovue. They strive to stay focused on improving OCT image quality, efficiency and clinical applications.

A bold vision

Over the past decade, Optovue, in collaboration with leading ophthalmic specialists, has pursued a bold and purposeful vision to bring advanced eye care technology to patients around the world by pushing the boundaries of OCT innovation and significantly improving access to OCT. The same technology that made it a standard part of every eye exam.

More than 10,000 systems in 10 years

Since our establishment more than 10 years ago, they have installed more than 10,000 products in many different countries. Headquartered in Fremont, California. It employs more than 170 people involved in the development, production and sale of OCT and OCTA systems.