SBM Sistemi

Dry eye is generally a symptomatic pathology that can vary in severity and should be distinguished from other symptomatic symptoms of the ocular surface (SOSD - Symptomatic Ocular Surface Disease)[1]. As for other pathologies, a diagnosis must be made by means of different tests.

The SBM Sistemi system is an integrated diagnostic platform that allows you to perform a complete analysis of the various layers of the tear film in a database that gathers all the measurements made. This also makes it possible to follow the evolution of the disease and to show the patient the treatment results.

The SBM Sistemi System consists of a TCP Tearscope for the analysis of tear film, a device for examining the condition of the lacrimal glands -ICP MGD Analysis- and an Apple ICP mobile application that summarizes the different observations (patient history).

With this set you can also easily and quickly carry out the following examinations:

  • NIBUT: No Invasive Break Up Time (Mucinic Part)
  • BUT: Break Up Time (Mucinic Part)
  • Lipid Layer Tickness: Analysis of the Lipid Layer Thickness
  • T.M.: Tear Meniscus (Aqueous part of the Tear)

It also allows to integrate other values such as:

  • Osmolarity
  • The results of the schemer test
  • The coloring with Red Phenol
  • The OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index)
  • ...
  1. DEWS 2007 – The Ocular Surface ; April 2007, volume 5, n°2: 62 – 204.



SBM Sistemi


SBM Sistemi