MplusX Toric MF30

Teleon Surgical

Vision performance exclusively adapted to the daily requirements and viewing habits of the modern individual patient!
Choose the Mplus lens model most effective for you and them!

NEW: Now as preloaded MIOLs available for the easy use with the Oculentis Easyject injector system!
+3.0D addition

  • Excellent visual acuity results for the near, intermediate and distance ranges
  • Extended depth of focus and optimised image quality for all ranges of vision
  • Maximized light efficiency of >95%
  • Increased pupil independence, suitable for very small pupils
  • Minimal to no halo and glare effects
  • Natural contrast and colour perception
  • True sharp 360° continuous barrier effect

The ambition behind the Mplus modification and the objective of the new MplusX is to achieve a general enhancement and extension of the depth of focus, not just an improvement of individual focal points. The unique and unmistakable defocus curve of the MplusX visualises the following: instead of being limited to the maximization of so-called „peaks“ in the near, intermediate and far vision, the MplusX maximizes the total area under the defocus curve, which corresponds to the entire viewing zone.

The result: genuine extension of the depth of focus at all distances!

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