Teleon Surgical

For patients, who suffer from visual deficiencies due to individual irregularities of the eye, such as cataract and/or astigmatism, the implantation of a LENTIS Tplus IOL could be beneficial.

Thanks to its specifically designed optic, this lens corrects any form of defective eyesight and thus provides the patient with sharp and clear vision. Toric lenses are characterized by markers which help the surgeon to get the optimal positioning in the capsule bag in respect to the axle.

Astigmatism means the cornea of the eye does not have a smooth circular surface but a different surface curvature in one direction or the other. When focusing on images or objects, astigmatic patients will experience ‘distortion’ in their vision. The vision or object in the environment is blurred meaning the patient will suffer from severe visual impairment and as a consequence a reduction in quality of life.

The advanced technology behind the LENTIS Tplus toric intraocular lens offers a combined solution, not only replacing the cataract-clouded natural lens for clear vision, but also correcting corneal astigmatism, so the patient can see in focus. This toric lens perfectly compensates for the cornea’s irregular curvature ensuring you benefit from a considerably higher degree of spectacle independence for distance vision.

Clinical studies have shown that in general 98% of patients who had surgery in both eyes will not require further spectacle correction.

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