Respect for others:

  • We respect our employees and expect respect between colleagues.
  • We have respect for the customers and expect respect from customers.
  • We are honest and straight forward with each other.
  • We have confidence in each other's capabilities and intentions.


  • We are all leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver results.
  • We have a clear understanding of where we are going.
  • We focus goals to achieve objectives and strategies.
  • We lead by example.


  • We accept personal accountability.
  • We all act like owners, treating the company’s assets as our own and behave with the company’s long term success in mind.
  • Every team member contributes to success.

Customer orientation:

  • We help our customers improve and grow their businesses so that ours improves and grows.
  • We build long term relations by exceeding expectations for our customers.
  • We consider the customer in all we do.
  • We do what we say.


  • We will be more creative in our thinking and more efficient in our actions.
  • We always chase innovation.
  • We foster a work environment where creative thinking is encouraged and rewarded in order to create opportunities for process improvement and more cost-effective sustainable products and services, providing value to both us and our customers.