SBM Sistemi

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"Dry eye disease" is usually a symptomatic condition that varies in severity and must be distinguished from other symptomatic ocular surface disease (SOSD). For this - as for other conditions - a correct diagnosis must be made by means of the necessary tests.

SBM Sistemi has an integrated diagnostic platform that allows you to perform a full analysis of the different layers of the tear film and bring the measurements taken together in one database. This also helps to control the disease and allows the patient to obtain the result of his treatment.

With this set you can quickly and easily perform the following tests:

  • NIBUT: Non Invasive Break Up Time (Mucinic part)
  • BUT: Break Up Time (Mucinic part)
  • Lipid Layer Tickness: Analysis of the thickness of the fat layer
  • T. M .: Tear meniscus (Watery part)

Furthermore, the following tests can also be performed:

  • Osmolarity
  • Schimer test
  • Phenol Red coloring
  • OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index)
  • ...

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