DOC Classic


The DOC Classic mobile surgery chair has been developed especially for ophthalmic applications. However this chair also is extremely suitable for all interventions in the face for ENT and plastic surgery.

DOC Concept
The DOC, Dynamic Operating Chair is both an operating chair and table and was developed specifically for day surgery treatment. This unique product saves time; eliminates manual handling and the risk of back injury to clinical personnel, it offers a very high level of patient comfort and equally importantly reduces operating costs by improving efficiency.

The DOC is suitable for ophthalmology, ENT, oral and plastic surgery. By using multiple operating chairs patients can effortlessly flow from the Day Surgery Unit to the operating theatre and back ensuring maximum utilization of operating facilities.

DOC Safety
The DOC Classic chair is unique and offers many advantages: allows pre op preparation, treatment and or surgery together with recovery. The patient stays in the DOC during the whole procedure, from admission, surgery to recovery. Before and after surgery there is no need to use an additional bed or stretcher, this saves time and capital investment. The DOC classic is leading in terms of safety and is equipped with essential safety features.