Tango Reflex™



One Advanced Laser. Four Treatment Modalities
The new Tango Reflex™ from Ellex combines multiple treatment platforms — SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters, and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments – in a single laser system. Featuring an intuitive tablet user interface, the multi-modality Tango Reflex™ allows you to perform the full range of anterior and poster YAG laser procedures, as well as SLT, with greater precision and clinical efficacy.

Utilize SLT as an effective first-line glaucoma therapy – and eliminate the issues of patient compliance and medication side effects. A simple in-office procedure, selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) has been shown to lower IOP as effectively as medication, and to offer a consistent safety profile. Best of all, it is efficacious at every stage of the glaucoma treatment algorithm. On average, SLT achieves a reduction in IOP of 30% when used as a first-line option.

Adopt LFR to reduce or eliminate the debilitating visual disturbance caused by symptomatic floaters. Laser Floater Removal (LFR) involves the use of a specially designed nano-pulsed YAG laser to vaporize floaters. Compared to its early clinical use in the 1980s, modern LFR provides more efficient and safer energy profiles —offering reliable and repeatable outcomes with a low rate of complications and a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Cut tissue more efficiently, and with less cumulative energy, to create a perfectly centred, precise capsulotomy. A precise capsulotomy is essential for IOLs that correct presbyopia through implantation in the posterior chamber’s capsular bag. Tango Reflex™ creates a capsulotomy opening that is precisely controlled, without causing damage to the lens – even if the lack of a ridge makes the capsule adhere to the optic.

Create a small, precise iridotomy to exacting precision – and with a reduced risk of lens pitting. With refractive IOLs, the iridotomy aperture must be large enough to ensure a balanced aqueous flow, yet small enough so that no light is transmitted back to the pupil. The Tango Reflex™ enables you to create a precise size of the iridotomy, often in a single shot that uses lower energy than other YAG lasers.