Bi-Flex M


Progressive vision within full accomodative range

A unique & patented design for ultimate centration & long-term stability
Only a specific design offering a large contact angle and adequate haptics resistance can provide long-term centration and stability.

Bi-Flex M benefits from all assets of the Bi-Flex platform design characteristics:

  • for reproducible centration of the IOL
  • for axial, radial and rotational stability

These unique characteristics are:

  • the largest contact angle between haptics and capsular bag equator among all IOLs
    • 2 x 90° = Total 180°contact angle

  • the Dolphin zone & the double haptics specific design
    • for immediate and symmetric unfolding
    • for optimized compressibility & resistance against capsular bag compression force

Only a material with specific rheological properties is suitable for optimal micro-incision surgery (MICS).
Bi-Flex M is manufactured from a long-time proven 25% water content copolymer material:

  • optimally combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers
  • offering rheological properties required for MICS: ELASTICITY · SOFTNESS · SHAPE MEMORY
  • creating optimal conditions for MICS.
  • Smooth continuous gliding of the IOL inside the cartridge, low injection force.
  • Immediate, symmetric and atraumatic unfolding inside the capsular bag.

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