Retinal Rejuvenation – naturally, from Ellex


2RT™ — Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy — is Ellex’s proprietary, patented laser therapy that stimulates the eye's natural healing response to treat degenerative retinal diseases, including the early stages AMD. Ellex 2RT™ features proprietary Nanopix Technology™, which teams a nanosecond laser pulse with a unique pixelated beam profile to exclusively target selected individual cells within the retinal pigment epithelium.

Clinically proven to delay AMD

The Laser Intervention in Early AMD (LEAD) clinical trial, a large randomized, controlled clinical trial, has demonstrated the potential for 2RT™ to significantly reduce the rate of disease progression in a specific group of intermediate AMD patients.1 Specifically, post hoc analyses showed that in patients who did not have coexistent reticular pseudodrusen (RPD), a fatty deposit that is associated with later stages of AMD (76% of patients enrolled), treatment with 2RT™ resulted in a clinically meaningful 77% reduction in the rate of disease progression.

AMD - earlier intervention

Ellex 2RT™ offers the potential to intervene earlier in the disease process to improve retinal function and thereby slow the degenerative processes associated with AMD in its early stages. Clinical and scientific studies show that 2RT™ can induce a mononuclear cell response in the early intervention of AMD, including the stimulation of microglia.1,2

CSME – thermal damage avoided

Unlike conventional retinal photocoagulation, which can cause permanent damage to the eye's sensitive structures, 2RT™ uses 500 times less energy than retinal photocoagulation and eliminates the incidence of heat damage to the retina and surrounding cells in the effective treatment of Clinically Significant Macular Edema (CSME).3

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