Avanti™ Widefield OCT


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  • Widefield Enface OCT with SMART™ Motion Correction
  • Simultaneous Multi-Layered Assessment of Peripheral Retina Pathology
  • Forward-Thinking Platform for Future Innovations
  • 40° Widefield Enface Fundus Image
  • Multi-layered assessment of peripheral pathology at various levels in the retina and choroid.
  • Retina Summary Report
  • 40° Widefield enface, multi-layered enface analysis, and high resolution Cross Line in one, easy-to-read report.

Intelligent Macular Mapping

  • Full Retina Thickness comparison to the Normative Database
  • Visualize small structural changes
  • Click on location to present vertical and horizontal B-scans
  • Change Analysis to monitor retina based ocular disease
  • Volumetric Analysis

Retina Tracking

  • Avanti's 3mm scan depth and 40° scanning with VTRAC active eye-tracking provides the detail and clarity you need to assess the retina, monitor your patients and track disease progression.
  • 40° Coverage from Widefield 3D OCT Scan
  • Placed on a 50° fundus image for illustrative purposes

TCP®: Total Cornea Power
TCP®: Total Cornea Power enhances post-refractive IOL calculations for greater confidence in surgical outcomes.

The Cornea Power Upgrade allows evaluation of patients with prior refractive procedures. Standard topography only calculates the front curvature and then extrapolates posterior curvature. Using the Cornea Power Upgrade, both the anterior and posterior curvatures are measured directly to obtain cornea powers.

  • Angle Visualization and Measurement
  • Pachymetry - Full 6mm diameter corneal thickness mapping with minimum thickness indicator
  • Tear Film Analysis
  • Contact Lens Imaging
  • 9mm Cornea slice with post refractive measurement

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