Advisory Board


The “advisory board” has got essentially 6 tasks:

  • The approval and the questioning around the business strategies and strategic plans.
  • The control of the financial reporting.
  • The supervision of the daily operational management.
  • The evaluation of the management group.
  • To help the companies in the succession and growth processes.
  • To be the guardian of the corporate governance.


The advisory board consists out of 4 permanent members and 1 invited member linked to the covered subject. 2 of the permanent members are external to the company and are named for a period of two years. The advisory board will meet every quarter.

Permanent members:

  • Marc Feyen
  • Filip Hoornaert
  • Céline Simonet
  • Marc Simonet

Marc Feyen:

  • Master in science in chemistry and Industrial business administration.
  • Senior associate at management center Europe.
  • Managing director at Ashland inc (a company active in water technology), specialty ingredients, consumer markets.
  • Has experiences in merger and acquisitions, business development, business strategy development.
  • Has experience in restructuring companies in France, Russia and Belgium.

Filip Hoornaert:

  • CEO and shareholder of Aqtor Holding bvba (a company active in technical orthopedics).
  • Vlerick senior management program, INSEAD paris.
  • Has experience as general manager of Fagron Belgium and arseus bvba.
  • Has experience in change management and growth management.
  • Has experiences at Xerox, Ingram Micro.